Post Previews on Home Page Not Displaying Properly

On my homepage ( the first few rows of post previews display as expected in a 3-wide configuration. However, below the second row, only one column displays (on the left side). How can I resolve this? Is it some sort of bug? Perhaps related to featured image size? Thank you!!

You should disable the infinite load as there is no support for it.

Hi Vlad! Thank you for the response. How do I disable infinite load? I presume that the point you’re getting at is the Alizee theme only supports preview of a certain number of posts and displaying more than that causes buggy behavior. Is that the right interpretation? Thank you!

I found the setting under “Settings/Reading/Infinite Scrolling” Disabling that did indeed fix the problem. Thank you very much!!

It’s not that it supports a certain number of posts, you can add 100 posts to your pages if you want, it’s just that it doesn’t support Jetpack’s infinite load feature:)

Got it. Are there any plans to add support for the infinite load feature? That’s a great feature.