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Also another question… sorry haha. On the home page, as you scroll down the page on the right hand side there is text… and it says “Like” and
"Dislikes". it looks weird, how do i make that go away?

You probably have a plugin installed. That text doesn’t come from the theme.


I´m using the free Moesia theme. In the preview and on my site the theme is not responsive. If I make the window smaller, sidebar and footer are disappearing.
The footer and the sidebar are missing on smaller devices…

My question is why is the demo not responsive and how kann i make it responsive ? Where are the settings do get it work as a top responsive theme?


First of all, this thread is about Alizee, not Moesia.
Second, you’re confusing fluid with responsive. The theme was meant to hide the widgets on small devices.
Third, the new version which will be live today or tomorrow will display the widgets on small screens by default, so wait a bit until you an update it.

ok I wait for the new version of moesia