Post Item Limit in Menus?

I want to upgrade to Sydney Pro, but I think I’ve found a limitation in the theme:

I use a plugin called Easy Custom Sidebars to add complex sidebars to certain pages that include large numbers of Envira Galleries and Albums.

Recently, I’ve been having trouble adding galleries to the custom sidebars. I seem to reach a limit at about 165 Galleries and Albums in a single sidebar. I can add more galleries only if I delete some first. I’ll need about 200 menu items in a single sidebar - some are sub-menu items.

The problem page: (pw is ICBM )

Not sure how that the Sydney theme could have anything to do with this. Do limit you the number of post type items that can appear in a sidebar?

The ECS plugin maker says:


It might be a limit with your php settings, could you check the max post size with your hosting provider please? If possible, try and increase the max post size in your php.ini settings and see if that works.

I’m actually in the process of rewriting the plugin so if this is a bug in our side then I’ll put it on the roadmap for the next release.


Nothing has worked so far. Maybe a wordpress limitation? Would going Sydney Pro help?

Great thanks.

Hello there,

For system limits amount of menu items in certain maximum number. Try this solution that might be able to fix it.