Post headers have disappeared / read more links also disappeared

My post headers have disappeared completely

Also the … no longer click through to the rest of the post on the same page

Single posts have lost their headers (all)


It looks like your website is currently unavailable. Can you please check the links?

Kind Regards, Roman.


Site is up

Top Nav bar: Articles and then any blog post

Hello, I get 403 Forbidden error when I visit the links. Maybe your hosting provider blocks some IPs?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Roman, which country are you in so that I can check and have it unblocked.

I am in Ukraine, Eastern Europe.

Roman - they will not unblock because of the spam. Can i send a screenshot or upload an image?

Hello both of you, I inspected your site and found this as an inline style:

.entry-title {
  display: none;

So I guess you wrote this somewhere in a custom css plugin? If yes, remove it, if not, use this code to show them:

.entry-title {
  display: block !important;

This shows the titles of your blog page and your single posts again.

Concerning the read more button: Where should it be and when was there one? Did you made any changes to the theme files or customizer settings before they disappeared?

Best regards,

Dear Weareone

Thank you, I have followed your instructions and removed the CSS, i think i added that when trying to remove the author meta information.

I went through the customiser now and see nothing that would affect the read more settings. i have not used the page builder and have not inserted actual read more links in the posts, it appears to be automatic.

Hello there,

Please tell me the action you took to create read more links. Did you manually insert more tag from post editor? If so, please enable the two options under the below path:

Appearance > Customize > Blog options > Content/Excerpt