Post Drafts are not saving

So I’m typing along and saving everything as I go. The only problem is, after I hit save, all the work I put into it has vanished. I can see that the work was saved according the the revisions but it’s not properly updating it in the editor. Any tips on what I may be doing wrong or a solution to this?

This doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the theme. You should probably check your plugins.

Yeah, I noticed that Site Origin Page Builder and this theme might be conflicting? I dunno. It seems like if I use the standard Wordpress text editor, my content will be saved in the revisions but won’t update inside the editor. I had to switch to the Page Builder’s editor for everything to work. But thanks.

A conflict is highly unlikely because the theme doesn’t do anything in regard to the post editor. It doesn’t add stuff, doesn’t modify stuff, doesn’t do anything there. But when in doubt, a simple way to check is to switch to one of the default Twenty themes and see if the issue persists :slight_smile: