Possible to Utilize a FP widget as a standalone page?

I am building employee profiles and successfully tested one on my home page using the Moesia FP: Employees Widget. I would actually like a separate page to look just like the widget as well since it looks nice… and the separate page would have no limit of employees it could display whereas maybe I would keep the home page to only displaying our board or something.

When I tried the widget on a normal test page it didn’t display the nice widget formatting (as warned me it may not) just some back end data I had typed into the employee post. I tried changing the page template to “full width”, “front page” etc to no avail.


Here is my current ugly staff page I want to replace with a FP: Employee widget driven one:




The employee single page would need a different URL. You cannot use http://regionalaccess.net/employees/ because that will show the archive for all employees - in your case just one employee as I can see. So you just need to edit the page and change it to something like http://regionalaccess.net/our-employees/.

Also, I’m not sure if you noticed but we have an Employees page template so you can simply assign that template and publish and empty page and it will show all your employees. And you can limit the widget on the front page to show just a few, like you said. Have a look at this video to see what I mean: https://athemes.com/documentation/moesia/#templates

Ah that page template I missed somehow. I didn’t realize that specific “employees” URL would screw it up, I sort of picked it randomly.

Last thought… I ended up using the Full Width page template and dropped the FP Employee widget into it. Using the Employee page template meant all the text was impossible to see on my image background because there isn’t a white background/center column built into the Employee page template. Im going to build more employees in now that I have tested it with one: http://regionalaccess.net/all-employees/

I guess I should have asked how to add in a white background on the Employee page template instead of just using the Full Width Template. I realize now that the “Our Employees” text linked with the widget isn’t all that preferable and if I add a page title (Our Team in my sample) it looks a bit off. Anyway… I appreciate the help.

With full width page template and FP Employee widget:

With Employee Page Template (cant see text due to site background image):

You need just a bit of code added in a custom CSS plugin (which you can use for any other CSS customizations) to get a white background with some decent padding for that page:

.page-template-page_employees-php .content-area {
   background-color: #fff;
   padding: 30px;
   margin-bottom: 60px;

Feel free to let me know if I’m missing something, it’s passed midnight here so I might not understand correctly.

good morning,
I brought back my own thread as the same problem occured on my search results page. If you do a search on my page the results content has a transparent background making the text unreadable. What page template does the search results use? I could use the same .css code modification suggested in post #10946 there I assume?

I appreciate the help.