Possible to turn menu links into icons?

Hi, I would like to turn a few of the menu items into small social media icons to twitter, FB, etc. So that they float with the scrolling of the page at all times. EX- imagine the “image” link a small black and white twitter icon.

It would be similar to the menu here - http://mscheezious.com/

My website - http://hosted.usf.edu/NewMedia1/

Thank you!

It should be possible.
I didn’t test it, but use this in a custom CSS plugin:

.main-navigation a[href*="facebook.com"]::before {
	content: '\f082';

Then add your FB link in the menu.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi Vlad,

I tried to do what you just suggest and it is not working : no icon at all only f082facebook