How do I add content for my Portfolio so that it looks similar to the “Services” widget on my front page?

Also, how do I add the icons and remove the white box around my services?

Site is EvaLadhani.com.

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Hi Eva,

Thanks for posting your question here.
To add portfolio in your home page, you have to install jetpack plugin first.

Here is the step to enable the portfolio:

  1. install jetpack plugin and activate
  2. go to jetpack settings and activate “Custom Content Types”
  3. go to settings > writting > tick the “Portfolio Projects”
  4. now you can start adding portfolio items and display it using siteOrigin page builder

Thanks, Awan.

How do I then add this to my front page?


That’s a link. Which option do I use to build out the portfolio?

Also, here’s what my services section looks like on my front page:


How do I remove the white boxes, make them proportional, and add icons?

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You can add the portfolio section to the front page using page builder. please watch the video tutorials here https://athemes.com/documentation/intro/

this theme are using icon from font-awesome. You can add the icon to the service items from the provided icon field. as example: http://prntscr.com/9m9t86

Please accept my request to see your images on google drive.

You now have access to the Google images.

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Also, I did follow the documentation for intro initially and am having no trouble adding services - the problem is adding the portfolio.

Hi, did you already create items for the portfolio and upload the image as featured image?

When I go to Font Awesome, I don’t have any way of downloading the icon to add to the ‘featured image’ section of each individual portfolio project I create.

There’s no way to simply paste the code of the icon I want into the ‘featured image’ section.

I was, however, able to get the services icons working and it looks great - thank you for that.

I’ve followed all of the instructions you’ve provided, but still can’t get the portfolio to cooperate on my front page. If need be, I’m happy to share my log in info to get this resolved.

If you look at my website http://evaladhani.com/ and scroll to the very bottom, you’ll see how the portfolio is currently displaying.

Thank you for your help, I really do appreciate it.

you can’t download the icons from font-awesome. You just need to use the name of each icon :smiley:

Okay, you can send the login account to my email: awan.rimbawan101 at gmail

Hi Awan,

Sorry for being a pain. I’m emailing you my username and password now. I know you have to paste the text to have the image show up as featured image, however, my portfolio doesn’t show that option.

Feel free to call if you have questions. I’ll add my number in the email.

Thank you,

Hi Eva,

I just login to your site’s dashboard and check the portfolio items.
When you creating portfolio items, please make sure you uploading the featured image also.

Now your portfolio already displayed :slight_smile:

Please remove your admin login that you send to me if there is no any others request.


Hi Awan,

How do I reorder the ‘services’ on my front page? It lists ‘branding’ as the first service. I want it to show ‘content marketing’ as the first service instead.

Any suggestions for how to do that?

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Hi Eva,

To sorting any post type on the wordpress, you have to change the post date manually by edit the post one by one. Or you can try using this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-types-order/ also.

Thanks, Awan!

You’ve been an incredible help!