Is there any option to have a Portfolio in Quill as it is in Sydney theme?


Well it seems that there is bug with a BestWordpressGallery plugin as well.
It is not visible in the frontpage of my site. When I’m posting it on a random page it is visible correct but when I’m posting it on the front page it shows only a shortcode .
I’m doing it exactly the same on both sites so I have no idea where the problem is located …

Anybody can help with that please ?
my website is www.adeohostel.pl
Under “Galeria Zdjęć” should be visible gallery but nope …

http://adeohostel.pl/?page_id=4410&preview=true&preview_id=4410&preview_nonce=63b31c1eaf - here’s my random page made just for gallery testing and here everything is fine …