I am using Sydney Pro - and have downloaded the portfolio plugin. I don’t want to use the projects custom post type since I will not be using it for projects but surgical applications. It says that you can use it for regular posts. However I can’t seem to make that work. Code I used was:
[sydney-masonry posts=“8” post=“surgical-applications”]

Have used various other strings but nothing seems to work. would love some help. Thank you



Those types of posts need to actually be registered and exist (like services and projects appear in your admin area). Regular posts means post=“post”. I assume you don’t have a custom post type with the slug surgical-applications?

Thank you Vlad. I should probably create the custom post for surgical applications.

Yeap, you can easily create it with Types. Just make sure you enable post thumbnails and categories for it.
Or even easier you can edit the existing Projects CPT, click on Use a custom URL format and add your slug there as that is the only thing that says project on the front end.

Hi Vlad,
I bought the Sydney Theme and is great!!
I have only two questions
1- ¿where can I change de speed of the Testimonials section?
2- ¿How can I change de size of the pictures in the Portfolio section?

Thank you so much in advance.


Hi Javier,

  1. That’s not really possible at the moment.
  2. See this topic please and adjust the values as you need: https://athemes.com/forums/topic/portfolio-image-height/
  3. Please open your own topics in the future so we can keep things organized. Thanks for understanding.

Dear Vlad,

I would like to change project url, it’s possible? because it’s a french website so it strange to read project rather “projet” in the url ?

Thank you by advance

Hi, how can I change the font color of the categories ?