Portfolio Widget not pulling projects from All Projects List


Could you please help me as I am having a hard time getting the projects that I am inputing into the projects list to show up in my portfolio widget.


I apologize if I missed another support post regarding the same issue but didn’t see one.

I am using the projects as a pet of the month portfolio. All of my other widgets seem to be working and am wondering if I am missing a setting or something simple to get it working.

I am using the Sydney widgets only. The Sydney FP Portfolio specifically.

Thank You for your help in advance.

Hello there,

Pleas check your project entries and make sure featured images have been set.

If you’ve defined a category slug in the Sydney FP Portfolio widget to display certain entries, make sure the slug is match. To verify, from Dashboard, visit Projects > Categories and then see the “Slug” column.


Thank you seemed to fix the issue!