Portfolio Section

I need help with the portfolio section. How do I label my pictures so the see all will show different categories. I have several different categories. I also want the button to be pink like the rest of my page. http://www.dreamscreativegroup.com/wordpress .

So you’ve added your projects into categories? The all you need to do is include those categories in the shortcode. Something like this include=“landscapes,people,cars”

Hi Vlad,

I have the shortcodes in there but the see all is not there where you can select based on category. The button is also red instead of pink. I would like to create new categories like, flyers, cards, tshirt , etc. Can I achieve this?


Not really sure I understand what you’re asking.
The See All button will show up only if you’re displaying the categories filter. In order to display the filter you need to include those categories in the shortcode.
To add categories for your portfolio you need to simply edit a project and assign a category. This should clarify everything about the projects shortcode.
What button are you referring to? I see no red button on your site.

I took it off. How do I assign categories?

I just added it back

I don’t see a section in the portfolio piece where I can add a category.

Could you send me an admin account to vlad[at]athemes.com so I can see what you have there exactly?

Just sent you that information. You are awesome vlad!

Looks like you haven’t actually imported the settings file for Sydney, have you? You’re using the one for Quill as far as I can see. That’s why you were missing the categories.

Ok sorry. Do I need to import anything else?

It wouldn’t hurt to import the settings file for Sydney from the documentation page. The one for Quill works also as you noticed, though there are some stuff missing like the categories for custom post types.

Ok. Where Can I get the other settings file you are referring to? Thank you again for everything! I’ve written one review/recommendation for you but I’m happy to do another. Also if I import those settings will it wipe anything out?

Sorry, it’s one the documentation page for Sydney in the quick start guide: https://athemes.com/documentation/sydney/
It will overwrite and add to the settings you already have. It has nothing to do with your actual content, so nothing will be deleted.
Can’t do more than 1 review, but thank you :wink:

Thanks for everything vlad! I hope you having an awesome day and you created an amazing template! We love it and hope we made you proud!

Hi Vlad,
Stupid question and I probably missed it in the doc. What and where is the shortcode for the portfolio? I have set up my catagories and portfolios. But not sure what to do next. Where in the doc is this to set up?


Here is the link directly to that part: https://athemes.com/documentation/sydney/#portfolio

Hi Vlad,
Yeah that is the link I tried… and all I get are super large images that are listed like a catagory listing page and not like the demo. Have others had this issue too? All projects have the feature image linked properly.

This is the link to see what I mean:



By any chance have you created a page named Projects and expect to see the gallery there? If so, change its link to something else, site.com/projects will show the archive instead of your page.

Ok great! Yeah I did have it named that. Last question… to set the size of each image is there a code snippet to add?
And thank you for the help.