Portfolio Problems


Heyy !! Great theme i really like it
I only have some problems to get the portfolio working. Is there any way to get any more information? i can’t find anything on google or youtube.

Best regards


Sure, you can have a look at the documentation and you’ll find all the info you need. If you have any specific questions after that I’ll be happy to help.


I allready installed Jetpack and activated Custom Content module. but i don’t know how i can place the portfolio on my frontpage. I still have the message feed on my front page.


You’ve probably didn’t set a static front page and assigned the front page template to it. If you post a link to your website, I’ll be able to help you more.


My site is :


You need to assign the Front Page template. Edit you page and you’ll find a menu on the right where you can set a template. Your page is now using the Default template, switch to Front Page and you’ll be fine.


Thanks for the help :wink: !

Is there a way to limit the pictures to 8 and build it up in pages or not ?


No, there is no way to do that at the moment.


Ow… No problem :slight_smile: Would be nice if it can in the future.


Hello my friends!

I have the same problem with the Portfolio. But using your method I haven’t seen any changes.
Could you please tell me step by step to do it?
Here is my site sobolev.kz



It seems you didn’t assign the front page template. Please do that. You might also want to look at the documentation. Be sure to also use Jetpack and create your portfolio with the custom content module that it provides.


Thanks for your answer!
I have installed a Jetpack and read all documentation (there is a very small volume of information).
I don’t understand how to assign the front page template. What do you mean?


It’s not covered in the documentation because setting a page template is not specific to the theme. It’s just a Wordpress thing. Simply the page you assigned to be the front page and you’ll the dropdown menu on the right called Template.


Hi Vlad… Speak Romanian or Russian?


Hey Guys! I was reading through the Documentation, Support & Tried out different methods. But, honestly, I can’t seem to get this to work.
Recently WP updated with it’s ‘Security Patch’ and it’s giving several themes a
bit of some glitches. Right now I placed a temporal plugin to the site.
Right now the portfolio sill has the message of nothing is here.
Any tips?