Portfolio problem

Hi there!Your theme is great and everything works fine except for the Sydney Portfolio plugin. Carefully study guide, I was looking for a forum for such questions, but still can not make visible my projects on the page and do not understand what could be the problem. Can you look what’s wrong if I give you access to admin panel?


It definitely works :slight_smile: But yeah, send to vlad[at]athemes.com and I’ll take a look.

Are there any ideas,Vlad ?

You asked if I can look if you send me access, I gave you my email address, you didn’t send me login info :slight_smile:

Sent access info yesterday morning. Now re-sent it from two e-mails.

I got the email now. You need to set featured images for your portfolio. That’s what the shortcodes displays. I’ve added one now.

Thanks a lot, Vlad, everything is working now.