Portfolio Plugin Styling Error

Image of the problem: Image showing the problem

Hi AThemes, I’ve been using your portfolio plugin to create a masonry layout on the Sydney WP Theme Home Page. After adding projects, I’ve found that the area highlighted in red when you hover over the project is greater than the project.

That is, if selecting the left most image project all projects are highlighted in the red overlay etc. I’ve included an image of the problem or you can view

Could you help to ensure only the project that is being hovered over is highlighted by the overlay? Thanks!

In the above image my mouse is hovering over ‘Take Flight’ but the 3 right most project are all covered by the red overlay.

Website is live at: http://andrewdrummondmusic.com/wp/


Have you made any kind of code changes to the plugin? It should have worked just like on our demo site.

Hi Vlad,

I haven’t edit the plugin, i.e. Plugins > Edit etc.

But I have added the following CSS

.roll-project.fullwidth .project-item {
     width: 25%;

textarea {
   height: 100px;
   width: 300px;

Would have affected it? Perhaps I should reinstall the Portfolio plugin.

No, I see no reason for that code to affect it. But you can try removing and then re-adding it.
You could also try re-installing it, though that won’t help much if you haven’t changed any of the code.
Try disabling some of your plugin, perhaps there is a conflict with something.