Portfolio page layout problems

Hi there,

I am having some issues with the layout of the portfolio projects on my page: http://www.jacovanderwalt.com/work/

Sometimes when I load the page, the images animate in but over one another, so that they overlap. This happens especially often when I have added a new project and the thumbnail image is loading for the first time.

I have disabled lazy load in the Jetpack Settings, and that seems to have made it a little better, but I still get the error occasionally. This happens across desktop, mobile and tablet and in both Firefox and Chrome.

Any suggestions?


Hello Jaco,

I visited your site and portfolio items seem too look good. Does disabled lazy load resolve it?


Thanks for checking it out, Kharis. I suspect it has fixed it for the most part - my internet connection has just been quite slow, which means the images sometimes don’t load properly - which throws the alignment off.

I’m going to take the site down for a few days while I test and see if I can make it 100% right, even with slower connections.

Thanks for the help.