Portfolio Overlay with image

Hello I was wondering is it possible to add image (ex. logo) in overlay of portfolio on home page by using Types plugin?

I am aware that I need to modify Sydney portfolio plugin and that maybe wouldn’t work. I have tried something but didn’t work out, I am getting that line of code when I look in inspector. So that image (logo) is there but it is commented some how.

<div class="project-pop" style="color: inherit;">
     <!--?php get_field( "wpcf-overlay-image" ); ?-->

Thank you for your reply.



Not really sure I understand what you want to do, but are you sure you’ve added the code correctly? Also I’m not sure if get_field( “wpcf-overlay-image” ) will work, check in the plugin how we’re pulling the custom links.

I want to make something like this in projects section on Home page


Thank you.