Portfolio messed up

Hello, i have some portfolio problems on my site :


its looks like this, theres 8 “projects” added, and on portfolio site theres 8 pictures, but they are messed up, blank space, when you hover on it ,this red square is all messed up.

I got my Row on “full width stretched” and page is “full width”

I just want to make them to look nice, like 4-5 each row, like 30/40/50 projects etc.
Any idea how to fix it?

And its possible to make like a 10px margin between them to not make them stick to each other?
Im using Sydnej FP : Portfolio

thanks a lot for help!!!

I meant, when you hover on 1st image you have nothing to click, it just starts with 2nd one

its like i can only have 4 images in each row

but there is 5, so how to change it? Sorry, im new to all this


Try to disable your additional CSS code and see if it helps.

Kind Regards, Roman.