Portfolio / masonry plugin problem

Hi there, I recently installed the Sydney theme, and all seems to work fine, except the portfolio plugin (Sydney Masonry). I followed the instructions from the documentation on https://athemes.com/documentation/sydney/
But the plugin or shortcode doesn’t do anything. I have made a few test-projects with images in it, made a Text widget on the homepage (where the masonry grid should display), put the shortcode in the text widget, adjusted the number from “8” to “4” (since I have 4 projects), and it doesn’t do anything (it just shows an empty block).
How do I get it to work properly?


Do you have featured images for your projects?

Hi Vlad,
thanks for replying!
In my projects I have used images from the media library.
Plugins are all active btw.

What I mean is have you set a featured image for each of your projects? From the Set Featured Image tab?
Those featured images get displayed on your front page, not the images that you inserted in your post.

I typed this shortcode: [sydney-masonry posts=“4” show_all_text=“See all” post_type=“projects” filter=“no” include=""]
Nothing happens; empty block.

Ah ok, just read your post now. I’ll check.

Yes I have set a featured image for each project. The only way to set images is through the Set Featured Image Tab.
I don’t know what you mean. I can’t put an image anywhere else except in a post.
I just made a few projects to test things out: I created them using the “projects” tab next to Employees, Services etc. In each one I inserted an image with the Set Featured Image Tab.
Since those images are inside a post, how can I set an image for each project?

Ah ok, I get it. I hadn’t seen the Set Featured Image tab for the whole post! I just checked it, and all works fine :slight_smile:
I knew it had to be something stupid; thanks for putting me on the right track! Yes, I’m a newbie to all this :slight_smile:

That’s what I meant, through the Set Featured Image tab. If you’ve set image from that tab and it’s not working then try updating your projects.
Can’t really help if I don’t see exactly what you did, but the plugin works without issues, we’re using it on our demo site.

Ok cool.

Yes I know. I checked all the previous posts on this issue. Everything seems to work OK now. I work in Dutch so that tab is named differently. I understand it’s hard to pinpoint a problem without seeing it, yet you did :slight_smile:
Thanks again, and the template is awesome btw!

Feel free to rate the theme if you enjoy it: https://wordpress.org/themes/sydney/ :slight_smile:

is it possible to habe a text with project name on a hover