Portfolio Image Wrong Size

I have a portfolio featured image which won’t size properly. I have tried recreating it from scratch multiple times but it won’t fit.

The weird part is I can replace it with one of the other images already used (like the Gears 5 one) and it works!

Note: The one image hangs over the bottom.

I think I figured it out. Those images that are shorter are reused from a previous theme which I think did some sort of sizing behind the scene (maybe the thumbnail or something). Re-uploading the images made them all match the larger size.

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Great! Glad to know that you were able to resolve it by yourself.

You may also want to try regenerating the image size instead of reuploading one by one with the help of this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/. For those who are having the same issue, I’d recommend trying this plugin first.

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