'Portfolio' doen't show in the admin area. How to create projects?

Does anyone have an idea why ‘Portfolio’ doesn’t show in the admin area? I downloaded and installed the needed plugin, according to the ‘Creating projects’ instructions, but what next? I read through the whole forum, and came on a printscreen in one of the topics, where I can see somebody has a ‘Portfolio’ section in the admin area. As far as I understand, this is what I need to create projects and that it appears after installing the above-mentioned plugin? Or earlier?.. Damn it. The portfolio is a great tool, I need it. Can anyone help?

have you import the settings file for the theme? you can get the file here https://athemes.com/documentation/sydney/#quickstart

Good day, Awan.

I did import the settings file. But. When i import it again, it doesn’t offer to update/create the ‘portfolio’ type http://prntscr.com/87jref

Oh, actually, ‘portfolio’ isn’t supposed to appear in the admin area according to what the ‘Importing the settings file’ video shows. So, can you guys give me a hint how to create portfolios? It’s not really clear from how it’s described in the ‘Creating projects’ section. Where does the shortcode go? I’ve installed the sydney-portfolio plugin. I can also access the ‘Projects’ tab and create them (which is, from what I understand is somehow connected with and needed for creating portfolios). But what next?

you can add the shortcode for the project through “Visual editor” widgets. Put the shortcode within the textarea of the “Visual editor” widgets.