Portfolio and Employees Not funtioning


My portfolio and employees sections aren’t showing up, am I missing a plugin or some other piece. I followed the instructions given on this thread (https://athemes.com/forums/topic/no-portfolio/) and nothing happened. Also is there some master documentation for this? because all I have found has been three youtube videos that leave out massive chunks of the set-up process. My site is http://moravianfallslakehouse.com/ Thanks for the help.


Please if I could get some help I have a customer breathing down my neck and he only wants this theme.



please check documentation. If you did not import demo content there is nothing to be displayed. You have to add your employees and and portfolio items - see image. Also be sure to add Featured Image for your projects.

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I did use the “documentation”, that is the three 1 min videos and the .XML file, and it didn’t work. I also re-imported the .xml file and I still don’t have the “employees section”


additionally, although it didn’t import, I was able to get the header for the portfolio to work, but none of the pictures will show up.



If you are using additional plugins try to disable them. Sometimes plugins can cause conflicts with custom post types. Also can you post your page link so we can take a closer look?

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i disabled everything not connected to the theme and it wasn’t fixed. my page link is http://moravianfallslakehouse.com/



As I saw you manged to set “Portfolio section” http://screencast.com/t/kjNKg3p2VXN? If you still have problems with “Employees”, you can send me WP admin access to dimi[@]diwebdeveloper.com so I can inspect that closer.

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