Popup new window with iframe

hi there,

I know this is nothing to do with Sydney pro theme but as I am a completely rookie with wordpress and html may be you guys can help me with my request.

I am using sydney pro theme for a week and started to built something. I would like to put a button on a page, when clicked it will open popup window with iframe in it , sourcing will be a another web url. What do you suggest me ? A plugin, a code. Pls think of me as a very very newbie.

This page shows exactly how I want it to work. When you click the “view report” button, it popups a new windows with an iframe in it.

thank you.

Hello @Hgungormus,

I suggest you to try iframe plugin.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

thank you. I’ll give it a try.

well it seems it doesnt have the ability to open POP Up a modal web site page within iframe.

or I dont know how to do it. thanks.