Pop-up window on Call to Action button


I’m included a “Call to Action” button on my website’s main page, so that I can gather new customers on my Mailchimp newsletter service.

The question is I’d like to make a sort of pop-up window appear with the Mailchimp form, instead of making users go to a whole new page.

Another option would be making the form “deploy” into the Call to Action section (if possible).

Any ideas guys?

Thanks very much for your help!

Hello asantos,

I don’t know whether we provide that type of help. Maybe you have to go to codeable for more help.

I have got a self-made newsletter popup on my site too.
You need to make a child theme for sydney, copy the header.php and make the changes there. You can make a div container which has 100% height and width, over the whole window, which will be your overlay. Then in it, make a div container width the size and position you want. Put in your form and when everything is styled, give the whole thing a display:none to hide it.
Don’t forget to make a div container with an icon to close it.
You can create a click function with jQuery which says if you click on the button (the id of the button) then fade in the overlay and the popup.
Furthermore make a click function on the icon/image and say it should hide the overlay container.
I hope you understand working with such a solution. The only thing is that you need some knowledge about html coding, css styling and jQuery functions.

Best regards,

Thanks for your response WeAreOne,

I actually solved the problem using another solution, but thanks anyway!

Since you answered my question, I don’t know whether you could provide a solution for this:

I’ve got the qTranslate-X plugin installed. It all works fine with your theme, except for the main page. I’m trying to introduce slight differences on the various languages concerning the main page of my site, but I can’t make it work. Every time I change something in any of the widgets that are part of the main page, it affects every language.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help!

Great! Do you maybe want to share with others how you did it?

I don’t know this plugin and have no experience with a multilanguage site, but I think that it it because you set your main page as the static front page. Under dashboard > settings > reading you can set it. And this might be why it is for every language. But I’m not sure.
Another reason could be that the widgets you’re making your changes are the same in every language. If they don’t have the possibility to be written in multiple languages, it might not work.

You maybe have to ask in a support forum from the plugin. We can’t help you since it can be an issue of the plugin.

Hi again!

Well, I actually took a “radical turn”, so this will definitely not help others… I just used the Wordpress Popup plugin, and stuck my newsletter form in there. I’m using the call to action button to access my contact form instead, so no real great solution there…

I’ll try and contact the guys from the multi-language plugin to see how I could solve this…

Thanks very much indeed for your help!