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Could you tell me where I can change the text of the pop up “Added to cart Successfully!” please ? I want to change it because it’s a french website.

Thank you for your time.

Hi @Marie-trick,

Please leave your website adress here with the translation you want. We will send you a collaborator access request and after you approve we will quickly jump on and do this for you.

Hi! Sure thank you for your respond. The website is https://trick-or-treat.fr/ and I would like to remplace “Added to cart Successfully ! success” by “[name of the product] a été ajouté au panier” please.
Thank you !

I have this same problem with “Added to cart Successfully !", I want to translate it in Finnish “Tuote lisätty ostoskoriin!”. Pity it is not multi-language txt field. Could you please help us? I´m creating a new theme for our site with Thalia. https://hahtuva.com is still using the Debut.

Hi @jennien,

Please send us your store url. We will send you a developer request and update your translation to the one you want.

Thanks, The url is hahtuva.com, but like I said Thalia isn´t active theme atm, because we end up having these problems. Can I send shopify invite to developer?


That’s ok, I will find the Thalia theme in your store themes and do the translation there. I am the developer for the Thalia theme and I have sent you an access request.

Same thing with item-price & fromusd, cannot modify txt or the currency with discount section. There´s FROM and the $-sign is in the front of the price. Why not to use shop currency setups? Should we open new thread for this?


We will fix this on your theme and update Thalia as well. Thank you for letting us know.


If you are referring to the “deals” home page section, we are using a shop currency setup, and your theme has the Euro currency in front of the amount. If you are not, please let us know which part of the theme has this issue.

We have updated the “from” text to have a translation which you can find in the Edit Languages interface.

Type in the word “from” and you will find it under Products/General.

We have also updated your add to cart text as well.

Great! thanks, this deals section is now ok, but the " add to cart" text is still in English.

i am also facing error while adding things to cart on mobile device

@jennien , @hardy

Thalia will be updated with the cart translation and cart mobile fix in the next two days. We will tag you on this forum with update instructions.

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@jennien , @hardy

In the latest Thalia update you will be able to translate this text. Once you update Thalia following these steps:

  • Visit this link:
  • Copy the entire text from the common.js file
  • Open shopify admin
  • Click Online Store
  • Click Actions on the theme
  • Click Edit Code
  • On the left side search for “common.js”
  • Replace the text with the text you copied
  • We recommend clicking Ctrl A or Cmd A to select all, then Ctrl V or Cmd V to paste

You will need to follow these steps:

  • Go to Online Store
  • Click Actions
  • Click Edit languages
  • Search for text you want to translate
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still i am facing error in mobile version i add something to cart it does not show in cart.


This issue has been fixed in the newest update. We have sent you a developer access request to make sure the update is installed correctly on your store

I have given access to you @EnesBeganovic

Thank You for the help @EnesBeganovic

remove things from the cart option is not working too @EnesBeganovic


This has all been fixed in the latest version of Thalia. We have updated your store with the newest version and these issues should no longer be there.