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I understand Talon supports translation of languages but how does it work?

You can go to Settings -> Languages and there you will find “Talon” but here you are only able to adjust and translate the text of the slider.

What are you (for example) doing with Widget-Sections like “Services”, Testimonials, Clients and Employees?

Polylang gives you the ability to translate the startpage but when you start translating text of the widgets it changes the original. will it be necessary to create categories and add own translated services?

I have to point out I love the work of Athemes… the reason to ask so many questions is because Im really working every day with your templates and I dont see a reason to try anything else.

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OK I found it… great! Thank you!

sorry… -almost.

I have found how to translate Services, Employees, etc.

But there are still problems for the frontpage.

Polylang usually gives you the possibility to create translations. If you go to the translated page and translate a text-widget to the second language this changes the original page as well.

Regardless what you do on the first and second (language) frontpage it always also updates the original.

Any Suggestions?

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