Polylang on Sydney free_ file not found

Hi guys, first i want to thank you all for this amazing theme and all your support in this forum. I looked around here but i couldn’t find any topic about this issue of mine.
I downloaded and activated Polylnag in order to add a second language (eng) to my (italian) website. I followed your tutorial videos but i got stucked after the menus creation: when i click on the english flag the browser (chrome) says "File not found - impossible to find the file http etc etc…"
In the languages settings it says i’ve got over 40 posts in italian but none in english. Is it 'cause after i created the english version of the page “My front page” i just translated few rows of the texts in it and not a complete services or testimonials…?
I’m very in deep water here, since i’m kind of a wordpress newbie.
Waiting for your reply, i thank you a lot again for your beautiful works.

Here’s my website:

Have a nice day.

p.s.: sorry for my terrible english


Hello there,

Thank you for letting us know about it.

I thought it doesn’t relate to theme’s issue. But it is more about the plugin’s configuration. Could you please contact the plugin author or post your question to the plugin’s community support forum here?