Polylang & Front Page Slider ... again

Sorry guys, but I’m freaking out :wink:
Is there any way to translate the front page slider into another language with Polylang? I now this question was asked several times, but I did’t find a solution.

I’m using a Sydney 1.18 with a child theme (only for adding a navigation to the footer). How do I get that thing working? Changing the code or is it already implemented and I did’t find it? I found this post, but it’s not working for me: https://athemes.com/forums/topic/translate-the-sentence-in-the-slider/

Please please please I’m suffering :wink:


What settings did you put in to get the homepage to work? I downloaded the plugin but when I activate it and select a language the homepage doesn’t show up at all just a default blog page that is blank.

All slider strings are registered in Polylang so they should be translatable from the same place you can translate your site title. See this screenshot: http://snag.gy/THmVc.jpg
The slider strings only show up in Polylang after you’ve added your own text, they don’t show up with the default content.
I know I said it before but I’ll try to do a video today to show how to use it.

I found it! Vlad, you’re the best and saved my day! Thanks for your help and the great theme!

@howtokizzle: Just installed Polylang and deselected the sync options in “settings/languages/settings” on the bottom. Don’t know if the navigation items are right, because I have the German version running.


So here are the videos, I think I covered everything: https://athemes.com/using-polylang-in-some-of-our-themes/