Polylang and Welcome Area

Hi There!

I’ve added Polylang to my WP and I’m having a tough time customizing the front page for each language.

First is that I can’t find a way to translate the welcome message and the text in the call-to-action button.

Eventually I realized I should ideally also have a call-to-action button link that is separate for each language front page.

Can any of these be achieved? I’m ok getting rid of the button, but I’d like to find a way to keep the welcome message.



You should probably create one page for each language. Then on the secondary languages you can use the individual header option which will allow you to add different messages and buttons. Even a different image in you want it.


Hi, if you want strings from customizer listed for translation you can read more about it here.

If you want to translate Welcome Area > Welcome title (not the site title), add this line at the end of functions.php:

if (function_exists('pll_register_string')) {
    pll_register_string('Welcome title', get_theme_mod('header_title'), 'moesia');

Then, you must also modify front-end (it is displayed from header.php). Open header.php and change this line:
<?php echo esc_attr(get_theme_mod('header_title')); ?>
<?php echo pll__( esc_attr(get_theme_mod('header_title')) ); ?>

Regarding content, as Vlad said “create one page for each language”, and also create one menu for each language.

One more thing, if you decide to use this approach, you should use child theme.

Thanks both Vlad and dimikjones for the excellent responses.

Vlad’s solution works well! I’ll look into dimikjones suggestion, though as I don’t need more than what Vlad recommended, I may not look into this very soon :slight_smile:

And yes, I’m using a child theme & I’ve created the menus.

All seems to be working very well with Moesia and Polylang. I’d only warn other uses not to check Custom fields in the synchronization settings if you plan to use PageBuilder in pages that you want in different languages. If you do, the PB content will be propagated to all the pages of the same set (that is… will be synchronized)


Hi, I’m having little trouble translating de welcome area. I created different pages for each language (Dutch & English) I used the individual header option to create a separate welcome area for English (Dutch is default). I translated the call-to-action button and enter a entered a link for the button.

Problem is that I want to scroll just a little down to the first section of my homepage, so I used an ID (#content) witch exist on the page, but every time when I click on the link in the English version of the site, the site redirects to the dutch version of the site.

The ID exists on both pages.

Can you help me solve this so each page is rolling down to the first section of it’s own page and not by default the dutch version of it?




Theme doesn’t support translation of header area with polylang plugin, so you have to follow solution above in order to be able to translate strings and to set different ID for header area button.

Best Regards!

Hi Vlad.

I tried the mentioned way with a starpage for every language (german/english), but can’t get it working (with Moesia Pro)

Could you please give a detailed description what to do?

  1. Create a startpage and asign a (polylang) language
  2. Create a second page (same content) and asign the next language
  3. Set “Toggle individual header image for this page”
  4. Use the individual header option for Header text, button und button link
  5. Don’t use these fields in the “Customizer”?
  6. Wherefore are the custom fields wpcf-header-text, wpcf-header-button-title etc.?

Nothing will do the job, neither point 5 or 6…?