Polylang and Latest News Widget button

I have installed Polylang plugin to have my site in several languages.
My latest news page (http://po-wisle.pl/en/latest-news/) is done by using “Sydney FP: Latest News - B” widget. This widget has a space to “Add the text for the button here if you want to change the default See all our news”.
I am trying to use it and put there “See more” text.
Now, using Polylang I am translating it. Page with Polish language (http://po-wisle.pl/pl/aktualnosci/) has the same widget.
Problem I face is that if I change the same button text to Polish “Więcej” then this is changed also in the widget in English page.
It seems that this widget somehow is resistant for translation and in whichever language I change the button text it is immediately changed in other language version (page).
Am I doing something wrong to translate ?
If not, how can I fix it ?



Please go to Polylang(Languages) > Settings > Synchronization > and make sure everything is unchecked. I know I’ve seen this issue a while ago and this fixed it.

Wow ! It really did fix the issue !
Although it is not logical… :frowning:

Now it works as it should. Thanks !

And apologies that I did not look enough in history - somehow could not find this easily…