Plugins with jQuery functions not working?


Recently I made a website with the Talon theme and I started to use plugins but for some reason the plugin does not fully work.

Plugin is called “Contact Form 7 - Conditional fields”, the problem is that it uses jQuery to show a textfield after clicking a certain category from a dropdown list, normally it would then show underneath the dropdown list but it doesn’t… On other themes it does work so I think the problem is with the theme.

Does anybody have any clue on how to fix this? Thanks in regard…

Greetings, Simon.

Hello Simon,

Probably I can inspect and troubleshoot if I can check it directly. Is there any link to that page to share here?


Hi, this is the page. The dropdown inside the form is what I am talking about.

Also, tested it on my other sites with also Talon theme and weirdly enough it does work on my other sites.


Hello there,

I found nothing wrong with the form. Web browser’s console also doesn’t display any error message.