Plugins Not Activating - Front Page Missing 5 Images

I installed Great Mag, Then I installed, and activated, custom-post-type-ui.1.5.8 for the Types tool and perth-settings.xml for settings. Tool Types is active. But, when I activate the Great Mag theme it just looks like a normal wordpress theme. A nice column to the left, a header, and a couple of widgets on the right. Which, while clean, isn’t what I wanted. What step am I missing to get it to look like the demo page?

Specifically, according to the instructions, I am supposed to be prompted to activate two plug ins upon activating the GreatMag theme. But I am not. And the cool five image top section I would like to see stubbornly refuses to appear.

This is the link -


Please recreate this topic in GreatMag support forum if you are using GreatMag theme, to keep forums in good order and make it easier to help you. I’ll close this topic to avoid confusion.

Kind Regards, Roman.