Plugin Types not installed


I installed this morning the themes, phantastic, and had the tutorial of NYC Tech Club. On the Dashboard I don’t have the plugin types. I tried to find it in wordpress plugin Directory and installed various plugins, without success.

To go further I Need this plugin to Import the XML file. Do you have any idea?

My Website is

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Sorry for late response.

Please check documentation, and this is the plugin where you have to import settings file.

After installation import file from Wp admin > Types > settings > import/export

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Hey there, same problem. I`m using the theme since a long time and tried severeal times to makte the new update and finally the plugin is out of the plugin list. There is a notice that there was a problem, but it is not possible to reinstalle types… Search in the plugins says - it is not installed -but it is…
So I can´t manage my site at the moment. What to do?
Thanks for assistance!!

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Try to uninstall plugin manually with FTP client (e.g., by deleting its folder from wp-content / plugins - delete types folder, and then install it again. Sometimes update fails to complete.

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