Plug-Ins speeding up Quill?

Hi there,
I am using Quill and very happy about this unique design. Unfortunately, the speed of building up the site is really slow. I installed Cachify and Autoptimize, but it doesn’t speed up significantly. Does anyone know some plugins that work perfect with Quill? What else can I do?
Kind regards, Philipp


This isn’t really a problem with Quill but your setup in general. What host are you using? Are you caching as much as possible? Try running your site through something like GTMetrix and see what your bottlenecks are. You could also try installing P3 to see which of the plugins you’re using is the most resource intensive (and possibly disabling it or finding an alternative).

Hi Charlie,

Thank you very much for your reply. I used PageSpeed Insights, but GTMetrix seems to be much better.