Plug in conflict? "The Events Calendar"


i already asked the team of “The events Calendar” but they figured out that there must be a theme conflict somehow . It does not show all events and there comes a messages “no results”. There is no sidebar.

I tried it with another theme and it worked well.
Here are the links to the support from events calender

and the link to my testpage/events

Please let me know if you have a solution. If not, i have to try another event plugin.


Well, there is no sidebar because you’re using the full width page template as far as I can see.

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with this plugin so I can’t really say why you have only one event displayed. Will try to look into it when I get a chance and see if there’s anything that can be done on our end.

Hi Vlad,

I did not change the standard settings from Template Standard to Full width. I made you a screen shot from the current settings.

It is strange that it works in other themes like in the Twenty Thirteen-Theme.

Hi Vlad,

i changed the page settings in the events calendar setting to “Standard event template.” Now I have the event list at least but still no sidebar. I guess I have to live with it.