Please Help to center content

Hello everyone. Loving this theme but I’ve been stuck on something for ages.

So 2 buttons at the top which then scroll to that ’ content ’ but the problem i have is that depending on what screen res you can see the content of the next section.

Is there a way i could make it so when it scrolls to that section you only see that content bang in the middle wverytime,

Any help would be great.

All the Best

also is there a built in option to replace the header text with a logo?


Hope this link can answer your question.

And you can use Crelly slider and put logo above the slider image from the crelly slider settings, but if you do not want to use crelly slider and want to put the logo above the header image, you can use following css code:

.header-text {
    background: url(YOUR IMAGE URL HERE);
    height: 100px;
    width: 100px;
    background-size: 100%;

Hey thanks for the reply. no that doesnt help me. Im looking for away to center that content in the middle of the screen always. even on different size browsers



Sorry for the delays.

There is an instruction to scroll the page (bring the content to the top of the pag) when the button is clicked.

Or can you post the URL of your site? and explain to me for more details about which part that you want to edit?