Please help me with Refund

I love west Pro theme , I am sorry but I must request a refund because I have encountered many trouble in adaption of this theme to my company website. I tried and have no time with further processing.

Thank you any way.

With gratitude


Hi Octavian,

  1. You haven’t just bought West Pro, as a member of our Developer package you have access to all our themes.

  2. What troubles have you had, specifically? Maybe we can help you with them.


Thanks for your rapid response , it is so kind that you are willing to help.

I am only interested in west pro, but it is too hard for me to master it, it maybe more difficult to my employees. I mean I would like to cancel this purchase with NO access to all dev package you provided.

I have put my site online in a short time , thus I have to give up trying and return to previous themes.

Thank you.


OK, the refund is done.


Dear Sales Team,

I buy the Life time package on 19th April . But I am sorry to say that I am no more interested in the package. The customization features I was expecting are not available in these themes. Please refund my payment.
MY registered email for the time of purchase is ""