Please help I have a couple of problems in my website

Hi there,
I’m in need of urgent help.
My website is
And there are couple of problems that require urgent solutions.

  1. The more IMP whether you are in the home page or the collection page. The add to cart button pops up when you move your cursor over a product and that’s fine. but when you click on it it directly adds the item to cart without asking of the size and color. and by default ads the smallest available size and color. Which needs to be changed but there is no option available.

  2. Currency is not being converted. no matter what currency I choose it still shows the same amount that I have set as CAD. So for example the original price of the product is $33 and shipping cost is $10 in CAD. it will still show the same amount even if I choose USD or any other currency.

  3. Product images I cannot set the product magnifier in my product page it shows all the variants in the same page of same size. I want it to be like every other normal theme the selected product magnified and the variant / options shown as an small icon so that a customer can switch between them.

  4. Color swatches don’t show most of the colors. so I would either like an option where I can change and add my own custom colors or remove them altogether.

  5. When selecting a color swatch or the product picture it does not indicate if its selected or not. one cannot be sure of the color variant selected before adding it to cart.

  6. When a product added to cart and you try to remove it it takes you to the next page to enter your information rather than to remove the item from the cart.

  7. In the mobile version the announcement bar text is not optimized to the screen.

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