Planning to go pro

I found this website/community from a friend, he told me that I will find what I need, and that’s what happened.
I found this theme ( and I’m planning to go pro.

There are several things that I didn’t get it well, I think because English id not my mother language (will, this is not the case), and I’m looking for detailed explanation for the features that I’ve read.

I’m planning to pay 249$
So I need explanation for the lifetime access features
Notice that I have website development background, so some of web development vocabularies will be fine to me.

1- When you say (Lifetime access to all themes and new releases) do you mean the templates (Astrid, Sydney, …ect) will be free for me as a pro or just Astrid?
2- And about that (Lifetime of support), are you going to help for setting up the website and helping me if I face a technical problems, or you will help me just in case there was a bug or something like that, and will be a direct communication with the support for fast support or what?
3- I didn’t got that (Unlimited domain usage), will you provide me the availability to create my own domain and hosting it without extra charge or what do you mean by that?

That’s it.

Thank you in advance,

Hello there,

Yes, you’ll have free access to all of our themes and plugins without time limitation. When new versions are coming, you’ll be instantly notified in your site admin dashboard; and you’ll able to upgrade at any time.

Yes sure. We support all of our product both free and paid ones. Whenever you get any trouble and have something to ask whether about menu color change or replicate particular section of the demo, or other else confuses you, contact us over support channel here.

This means that you can use our products not limited only to certain number of domains that you have. You have a flexibility to use our product copies to any kind of your projects. Please note that domain and hosting are separate subjects. You should purchase it separately from your favorite domain registrar and hosting company, as we don’t offer such that service.


Thank you for your reply,

I want to know if I pay,

would Astrid Pro template be the same of Astrid template and the difference is the services that you provide, or the templates and the services both are different?

Thank you once again

Hello there,

With Astrid Pro, you’ll have a lot of features that’s significantly different to the free one. In the customizer section you’ll have a new Astrid Pro options as seen on the below screencast.

Further more, you’ll have extra widgets: Employees, Map, Posts, Pricing, Services and Timeline.

You’ll also get priority support from us. Feel free to ask anything we can assist.