Pinterest Icon In Social Media

Hi there,
I have added the social media menu to the bottom of my home page. And all the icons show up apart from the Pinterest icon. Do you know why this is?

Hi, I think something missed for the icon. you can try to add this code below using custom css plugin to display the pinterest icon:

.social-menu-widget a[href*=""]::before {
    content: '\f0d2';
    color: #66ffff;

Thanks that works!!

Is it possible to have other things in the social menu like a website, email link and individual YouTube video link? All I got was blank squares that didn’t line up with the rest.

I will leave it as is so you can see. I love the look and feel of the way social menu works in Perth.


Just checking your site and the icons is displayed as well

Did you have adblock extension installed on your browser? you have to disable the adblock or add the icons to the adblock whitelist to display it.