Pictures show smaller in Galleries


I am having a problem on my site with pictures showing smaller in galleries. After I refresh the site, then the picture load normal.

My site

It happens on my pc and on mobile.

Thank you for your help & Best regards

Hello there,

I visited your site and it seems to look fine. Do you have a screenshot where the issue appears?


Hello Kharis

Thank you for checking it. I have Screenshots. When I first load the page, and subpages, sometimes this problem occurs, and on different pages and subpages, not always the same gallery. When I refresh the site, than the images load normal. The Screenshots are enclosed.

Thank you for your time Kharis.

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I went to my wp-content and I saw that there are images size 20x15 .png and .jpeg.

Should I delete these, or you think that this will not solve my problem?


I managed to resolve the problem with my images showing small. I went to my directory, to picture file, and saw there are small pictures 20x15px, which I did not create, and I deleted them. I think that this problem accured due the usage of Autoptimize plugin, which I installed and that created some problems. For those who will have the same problem, uninstall the mentioned plugin, and remove the small images, that were not created by the user.

The Sydney theme had nothing to do with this problem.

Thank you for your help & Best regards