Pictures Rotated on Mobile Devices

I notice that on my blog,, all the photos in my posts are rotated to their side on mobile devices. Everything appears fine to me on the computer, but from Android and Apple devices, all the photos are flipped. Is there a way to keep the mobile appearance the same as the desktop version? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi 3,
I just checked your site and try to access from both on computer and mobile devices, but the images are not flipped.

or can you tell me what device that you used? and can you provide me the screenshot about the flipped images?

I am accessing from iPhone. Here are the screen shots:

Hi, your image on dropbox are not found :slight_smile:

Did you get a chance to see the images?

Hi, sorry for the delay.

I’ve never found such issues that you have encountered before.
But maybe you can try another theme just to get more detail what issue that causes it.

or maybe you ever try to modify the metadata of the images on your local?

How do you modify metadata?

Hi! seems like you do not modify the metada of the pictures. forget it, you can find out about it from google :stuck_out_tongue:

have you try to use another theme?

Okay will google it cuz it happens with the other themes as well.