Pictures are not visible on Frontpage/ Projects

Hi, I’ve created several projects in the Dashboard menu and I’ve added the widget on the frontage / Pagebuilder …I followed all the instruction in the video, but my projects are not visible on the my page.

I get a claim…“Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist”

What is wrong ?


Well, the error is pretty clear. And it’s not generated by the theme itself.
As long as you have featured images for your projects, the projects section displays them without issues as you can see on our demo site.
Not really sure I can help here.

Hey Vlad,

thanks for your info, but what do you mean with “featured images” …what do I have to change or delete ???

I mean setting a featured image from inside the project editor. Just like you would set for a regular post. When you edit the post there is a Featured Image area on the right side.

OK, I think I understand. I have stored all pics in the Media data base and there on the right side I have added the information to each pic.

When adding a new project, I have used this pictures…

Is it that what you mean? So what do you suggest me to do? Delete it all and start from the beginning ?

Dear Vlad,
on the frontage you have transparent images. How can change and find them?

Thanks a lot.