Picture license

I bought the Theme Sydney Pro and now I have the question if I can use all the picutres which are part of the package for my Website?
Thanks for a short information,

Hi Steffie,

Why would you want to use the images provided? Surely they won’t make sense for your business/brand? We would recommend changing them as they are just for demo purposes.

If you need (free) stock photos there are plenty of sites you can find them on, e.g. https://unsplash.com/

Hi Charlie,
thanks for your answer. Well, some of the pictures (e.g. the laptop on the table) make sense for my business.
But thank you for the link, too. I´m sure I will find an alternative picture there.

That one you can use. Actually, you can use any of the images you want except for those from the employees and clients widgets. Here’s where most of the images come from in case you need more: http://pixabay.com/