Photos zoom in on Sydney slider


The photos keep on zooming in and cutting off on the slider in Sydney. Should they be a certain size to fit the slider? Can you please help with this and do I need CSS code to make it work on a mobile phone?



The Image is always covering the background of the slider, so it won’t show the full image, that’s normal, if you would show the full image, then you will have blank areas in your slider background around the image.

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Is there a way to reomove the sydney slider and use another one?

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You can remove the default slider with this Custom CSS:

.header-slider {
    display: none !important;

and you can add an other slider either via Page Builder or custom coding it to header.php.

Please add the above CSS to your Child Theme’s style.css or in case you haven’t setup a Child Theme already, then you can also add the CSS to wp-admin -> Appearance -> Customizer -> Additional CSS so you won’t loose the changes after Theme or WordPress updates.

Please let me know how it works.

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