Photos not showing on homepage but exist on post page

Hello, so today I made the latest update and after going on style.css to change some colors for the website I show that on every post at homepage photos have been disappeared even though they exist after entering the post itself.

After that I re-downloaded the Moesia theme and took its css file and tried again but the problem still exists. Also on inspect element(browser) the photos are not showing too.


Any help appreciated.

Hi Nikos,

The photos in not showing in the home page because it using the_excerpt() wordpress function to display the summary of the content. So, all HTML element would be striped out.

I suggest you to upload another photo as “feature image” also, so the feature image will present as cover or thumbnail for your posts.

Thanks, went on the content.php and changed the_excerpt() to the_content() and is now working as wanted. Thanks for reminding me about it.

Case closed.


You can do that also :slight_smile: