Phone number changes


I have a very strange problem on a website I’m working on ( I don’t know if the problem relates to the theme but I’m starting here.

I’ve added a phone number on every page on the website. When I view the website on a computer the number is correct but when I view the website through an iPad or iPhone it chances to a random number.

What’s even more strange is that if I call the random number the call goes through to the right person.


Do you mean the phone number in the header slider and from the Contact Page? I checked that on a Mac and on an iPhone and on both devices the phone number is the same, it isn’t changing, can you, please post screenshots about the changes made from device to device, so I can understand this issue better?

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Here is an example of the issue.

Picture 1 shows the website header with an incorrect phone number.

Picture 2 shows the phone number I entered.

I am clueless to why the number changes. I also had the problem at the bottom of the website in the contact area. I managed to solve the problem there by using a contact form instead of writing the contact info in a text editor.