Perth Separator Background Image Not Showing

Just simply trying to get the background image of a Perth Pro Separator Type A to show an image. It will not. It continues to show the default color (black).


Hello Boyd,

Can you please provide a link to your website and specify the affected separator?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Here’s the site.

Just underneath the, “Serving Veterans & Their Families in the Southeast” text. It’s just a black wedge rather than the parallax background image I configured.

Boyd, it looks like you are using Perth FP: Separator Type B there, please try to use Perth FP: Separator Type A instead.

Please check this video (if you haven’t done it already):

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thanks for getting back with me so quickly Roman.

Type A or B seems to be irrelevant. I’ve attempted every permutation I could come up with of both to make this work. Configuring either one of them to use a parallax background image (or an image of any Background Image Display selection) renders only a color and will not show the image. I’ve attempted to work with the row behind the widgets as well, all to no avail.

I’ve updated the site temporarily with both types A & B so you can see. Both are configured with no color and a background parallax image. No reference to an image even shows up in the sourcecode.

Please advise…thanks!

Hello Boyd,

Separator takes color from one side and image from another side. Type A should be above row with background, Type B should be below it. Please try to create a row exactly as in video and see if it works.

Kind Regards, Roman.


Please note that the separator doesn’t get a background image over it. What it does is it moves over the previous/next row and hides part of this row’s background images, thus creating the effect. So you can’t assign a background image to it, you can only assign a color.

I’ve seen the video. And I certainly mean no disrespect, but it’s simplistic and doesn’t cover Background Images; The video is completely irrelevant to my question. So I really don’t understand why you’re suggesting the video.

Very deceptive that the widget has a “Background Image” and “Background Image Display” configuration that is 100% completely inert. Why on earth would those configurations be available if it’s a feature that isn’t wired in???

Hi @Boyd,

Not sure if you saw my previous post explaining how separators work, right before your latest post? Sorry if you saw it already.

I agree that it might be confusing that the background image option exists for separators when they don’t actually use it, unfortunately it’s build into the page builder plugin for all widgets so we can’t disable it just for the separators.

This should clear things up:

Concerning row color merging: I know how the separators work and knew before I wrote. However, I didn’t know the attributes for configuring images wasn’t a part of the widget. Thanks for the clarity.

And, yea. Since those attributes cannot be hidden for some reason, would be really great if some future release of the widgets would consume those configurations. :slight_smile:

Thanks much for all your time guys.