Perth Portfolio - Help needed


I’m currently putting a website together using the Perth Theme. Its a really great tool!
The only issue im having is with the Portfolio.

Ive managed to get it working but the photos come in much smaller than shown on the Perth Demo.

I have sized my photos for 480 x 320px which i believe was used on the Perth Demo.

However when uploaded to the Portfolio they show as 285x190px and do not come in as full width, which i would like.

Can you tell me what i need to change to get the photos the correct size?



In my case I just used the regular 1280 × 853 resolution in the post’s Featured Image and Portfolio handled the rest by itself.

Hope it helps.


Hello there,

Technically, the portfolio thumbnail image final width is set to 480px. While its height will follow proportionally. Please be sure that your image is larger than the specified final size.



Thank you for your help.

I managed to achieve the full page width by changing the row layout to Full width stretched instead of Full width. This also increased my image size to the correct width of 480px

Thanks again.