Perth Masonry Projects - Display 3 per row

Is there a way to set up the shortcode to display three projects per row? I am currently using [perth-masonry posts=“6” post_type=“projects” filter=“yes” include=“landscapes,nature,science”] and would like those 6 projects to spread evenly across two rows rather than 4 on line 1 and the remaining 2 on line 2


I thought the project widget is displayed 4 items per row.
Can you please to post a URL of your site?

It does post 4 per row, but I want it to only post 3 per row.

I see, you can add these css code in style.css within your child theme or use simple custom css plugin:

.project-item.isotope-item {
    width: 33.3%;

Nope, that’s not really a solution, does anybody have another idea?